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Bakesale Betty = Highland Bakery

4 May

Here is the first entry of “EQUALS”, where I compare a place in the Bay area to that of one in Atlanta. Anyone who has grown up in one city has their favorite hometown hangouts but can still appreciate something similar to where they live now. The idea of Equals is to give people insight on places in Atlanta that are like their favorite places in the Bay Area. Read. Visit. Revisit. Enjoy. – Morgan Ashley

Both owned by women Bakesale Betty’s (Oakland, CA) and Highland Bakery (Atlanta, GA) have one other thing in common, great baked goods. In the case of both women their place may not belong in the kitchen but based on their delectable pastries, that is where they are most wanted. Bakesale Betty’s Owner Alison Barakat has been serving her famous strawberry shortcakes on the infamous ironing boards since 2002. Stop by Bakesale Betty’s on a Saturday afternoon and you may be to late to purchase one the fried chicken sandwiches that keep the lines long with locals looking for the perfect snack. The owner of Highland Bakery, Stacey Eames is no stranger to a crowded cafe. Having sufficed Atlaliens need for quality coffee Stacey opened Highland Bakery to serve foodies, “real” southern food. Stacey uses fresh ingredients to provide comfort food without the heavy tummy affect. You have to love a kitchen that is known for their creamy grits and their wedding cakes that resemble art rather than something you devour. Whether you find yourself in Oakland or Atlanta either bakery will be a sweet treat. Bakesale Betty is located at 5098 Telegraph Ave Oakland, Ca. http://www.bakesalebetty.com Highland Bakery is located at 655 Highland Ave #10 Atlanta, GA http://www.highlandbakery.com