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Double Take

19 May

Before there was Lady Gaga there was Labelle. The 1960’s group Labelle (members included Patti LaBelle, Nona Hendryx, & Sarah Dash) was known for their avant-garde attire that mixed space suits with feathered head pieces and everything in between. Labelle were the originators of true style, so when I found the picture to the left I knew I had seen something similar in recent years. I have done my best to love Lady Gaga but nothing about her seems original, especially when her taste for clothes is only a carbon copy of past and more talented entertainers. I know the purest form of flattery is imitation but Lady Gaga’s apple has fallen to close to that tree. Before you judge me for being a hater know that I did my homework and listened to Ms. Gaga’s music for a while trying to gain more of an appreciation for her work, but sadly that failed. I just simply do not care for her music or her sad attempts at being unconventional. So do a double take and tell me what you see?