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Vintage Punctuation

13 May

Vintage Punctuation is a term describing how a vintage garment or accessory can be added to an outfit. Vintage Punctuation can be very helpful if you are weary of buying vintage or have some vintage items in your closet but are not sure how to use them. Let a vintage item punctuate your wardrobe the same way a comma punctuates a sentence, always needed but only in the right place. Many people are simply afraid to purchase something someone has worn before them, so you can eliminate that feeling by looking for an item that was not actually “worn”. Starting with vintage accessories like belts, brooches and handbags is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of vintage buying. Whether you are a veteran or new to wearing vintage items, accessories is the best way to make your outfit one of a kind.


Berkeley Flea Market

4 May

No BFM is not the latest text language but it stands for The Berkeley Flea Market. The Berkeley Flea Market has been held every Saturday and Sunday from 7am-7pm for the past 31 years at the Ashby Bart Station. The BFM is a Bay Area landmark (this may not be true but anything that positively serves its community for numerous decades should be). If you have lived in the Bay Area for more than five minutes chances are you heard about the infamous flea market and have attended too many times to count. The BFM is the best place to shop in the bay for one of a kind jewelry, old records, African art and of course incense. Whether you are needing to shop or just want to stroll down one of the isle of the market, it is always adventurous because you never know what you might find, and chances are you will always see and old friend. The easiest way to find the BFM is to just follow the sounds of the drummers that along with the vendors come every weekend, like a musical mapquest. The drumming is just another free perk of the BFM that is already free of charge, making the flea market my kind of place.