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Who Wears The Pants?

21 Oct

Jada Pinkett Smith does! Jada and her family have been spending much time in the big apple promoting the youngest Smith’s new single, “Whip My Hair”. It is clear where Willow Smith gets her bold taste, her mother has impeccable style. Seen walking the streets of New York with head to ankle Chloe and Christian Louboutin pumps she looked perfectly perfect in a stylish fall look. After months of super skinny jeans and leggings (I refuse to use the term jegging) wide leg pants have come back in a big way. The tweed pants Jada was wearing were extremely flattering on her small frame and made her stand 10 feet tall. If you are petite a wide leg trouser will instantly make you appear taller and slimmer.


The Cats Meow

26 Jul

Leopard print is back, again! Leopard comes around at least once a year and stays with us just in time for the winter months. Designers from Balmain to Hermes have repeatedly used leopard print in their collections but still have the ability to keep the trend current and up to date according to the season. Like with any bold print wear sparingly, and never from head to toe. A tasteful leopard print dress can be sexy when paired with a bright shoe to punctuate the outfit. You can also try a leopard print shoe for a wow effect. It’s rare that prints are considered a classic but leopard is classy and necessary in a true fashionistas wardrobe.

Retail Pet Peeves

29 Jun

Having worked in retail for almost a decade, I have seen it all. Celebrities in the fitting rooms, spouses fighting at the register, you name it and I have seen it. MTV should really capitalize on the drama and create a reality show about the crazy things that take place inside a retail store. If you have never worked in retail or customer service you may not understand how crazy it can be so I have put together a list of retail pet peeves. This is a list composed of co-worker mishaps, my own experiences and urban retail myths. (This list is in no specific order)

1) Throwing your form of payment at me when my hand is clearly open for you to hand it to me. “I’m no dog, I don’t fetch!”

2) Body odor in the fitting room. “Maybe Bikram yoga before shopping wasn’t such a great idea?”

3) When I greet you with a “Hello” while you stare and ignore me with no response

4) If I ask “Hi how are you?” And you respond “I’m just looking.” Good you for you, but I didn’t ask what you were looking for”

5) Asking for a discount. “This is no flea market, we don’t bargain”

6) Asking me to throw away your trash is not only gross but insulting

7) When a frequent customer shops with you they expect everything to go their way. If this doesn’t happen they give you the “I have spent thousands of dollars in this store” speech. My response, “I’m so happy for you but that money doesn’t see my pocket”

8) Please teach your child some manners, because if I ask him to stop jumping off that ladder you will be pissed and I’m not going to feel bad if he breaks his ankle

9) Don’t roll your eyes at me if I ask for an I.D. Its my job. And even if you have daddies American Express black card, I STILL need to see an I.D.

10) This is not your house so please don’t leave the fitting a mess with clothes all over the floor

11) One of the rudest things you can do when you’re at someones register is to be on the phone. The only thing more rude than being on the phone is mouthing to me “I’m sorry I’m on the phone, but my friend is getting married.” So was she getting married last week when you did the same thing?” Even worse is if you apologize to the person you are on the phone with like “Thats the girl at the register talking to me, I’m shopping.” You should be sorry for the fact that you are having another conversation while standing in front of my register.

12) My most awkward retails moments happen when its clear that the women you are helping has horrible self-esteem… How should I respond if I ask a women if she needs another size and she goes on a rant about how she spent the last 32 years trying to lose the baby weight and her husband won’t take her to the beach while she is overweight? Turns out there is no proper response! “Well now I’m just as depressed as you are ma’am!”