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Shoe “laced”

31 Aug

Recently Rihanna was seen wearing a pair of Mui Mui patent leather studded Oxfords that would make any shoe crazy women like myself look twice. I am a huge fan of Oxfords, so as we gear up for fall I am sure we will see more of them.

I try my hardest not to like Rihanna but with her impeccable taste (and by her I mean her stylist) in clothes and accessories how can I be a hater?  The shoe retails for $650 and is also available in nude.,default,pd.html


Camp It Up 2010

23 Aug

I’m back! Well I have been back in Atlanta for a couple of weeks now but it took me many days to recover from the time difference and to come down off the natural high that is, CAMP IT UP!  CIU was the first family camp for gay and lesbian in California and has been going strong since 1990.  I have been a senior counselor at CIU since 2006 and I have loved every minute of my time there. A one of a kind camp, CIU brings together LGBTQ families from all over the world and gives them 7 days of bliss in the redwoods of Quincy, Ca. As a lesbian CIU gives me a place to see happy and healthy LGBTQ families and to inspire their children to know that their families are more all American than apple pie and baseball.

This year was especially fun because I missed camp last year because I had just moved to Atlanta. I have so many great stories and pictures that I will post soon but I have included a video that was made by one of this years CIU art specialist, Callum. A tribute to the staff of CIU! Enjoy! (See if you can find me in the video)