What Lies Beneath?

3 Jun

What Lies Beneath?

Unmentionables, undergarments, underpants, briefs or bloomers, whatever you may call them wearing proper underwear is more important than the outfit itself. Your bra and panties is the first thing you put on so these items should have a proper fit, setting the tone for that days ensemble. Ill fitting underwear is the most hurtful thing you can do to a beautiful dress and a disturbing panty line can cause the most expensive pair of pants to look cheap. Before you can put on your favorite pair of skinny jeans or the Marc Jacob dress you saved up for, you must decide if a thong or boy shorts will be more appropriate. Something short and sweet calls for nude underwear for the split second you uncross your legs and want to prevent the world from seeing anything stripped and unsuitable. Wearing very tight jeans without pockets will look best with a thong, making the pants have a seamless appearance.

An exceptional outfit should be approached in the same way that you approach a recipe in a cookbook, follow the directions and you cannot go wrong. A racer back tank calls for just that, a racer back bra. Unless you are trying to achieve a “Carrie Bradshaw” lingerie moment only the women who sold it to you and the person you decided to bring home that night should know what style and color your undergarments are. Think of your underwear in the same fashion you would with what you are wearing for the day. Is it appropriate? Does it fit well? Does it compliment your wardrobe? If you can answer yes to all the above questions then what lies beneath will be just as stylish as what is above.


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