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The Women of Brewster Place…

30 Apr

is what  inspired me to start this blog. A 1989 film starring Oprah Winfrey, The Women of Brewster Place is a movie about women empowering other women. All the women living in the housing tenement are trying to survive. They deal with issues like abuse, poverty and trying to maintain a family. Two of the characters in the film are a lesbian couple who live together at Brewster Place and spark conversation in the neighborhood about sexuality and acceptance. Even in a non traditional relationship the two women strive for the same thing that all the women living at Brewster Place want, acceptance. The film is about sisterhood, something I believe is lacking in the black community. I miss the days of my childhood when making a friend was as easy as just asking. We as women have to support each other. So smile next time you pass a women on the street or tell her you like her shoes instead of snarling because you don’t have them. We only have each other!